Mobile Stages Australia is a leading provider of compact and portable mobile stages.

We have a new clever, low cost and attractive mobile stages for your event. Our stage is medium size (6m wide, 5m deep, 8m across the front with the PA wings). It is compact and portable yet large enough for 4 to 5 piece band, The stage is solid and strong, fully engineered and built to australian standards.

Ideal for a whole range of festivals, concerts, parties, shows, displays and trade shows

  • Festivals, concerts, Christmas carols, street partied, theater shows, presentation, charity concerts, School concerts, dance groups, perfomances, school bands, concert bands.
  • Cooking displays, sheering displays, fashion shows, lingerie parades, cross dressing dance festivals.
  • What ever your event, where ever your event, we can provide a stage.


Check out recent pictures of the stage in action at universities, street fairs, markets, christmas carol’s, protests, charity events and more

Our stages easily fit into a whole range of locations

Our stages are full size 6m by 5m performance platforms, but the fold down into a large trailer, that can be towed by a standard 4WD. This makes them perfect for a whole range of locations that would be difficult for a truck stage. Better still, our stages and vehicles are light and nimble and can easy move around on lawn and grassed areas without damaging them. We recently set up on a soft, wet football field that would have bogged a standard stage. We got in and out easily without cutting up the grass and without making a mess.

We can set the stage up on:

  • Footpaths and access ways
  • Sides streets and alley ways
  • Parks and show grounds
  • Golf courses and ovals
  • Back yards, paddocks, nature strips
  • Beach-fronts, ocean parks
  • School grounds and campuses

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